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Environmental Management Policy
With the concept of "lightweight manufacturing and sustainable development", CITIC Dicastal adheres to the technology R&D and development direction of environmental protection, diversification and modularization, promotes green development, circular development and low-carbon development, implements green innovation strategy, adheres to sustainable development and takes a new road to industrialization.

Green Factory
It attaches great importance to the research of "green lightweight", optimizes the process plan from the early design to the production and manufacturing stage, reduces the consumption of resources and the impact on the ecological environment, and fully considers the pressure on the environment and the harmony between man and nature in the whole process.
In 2016, CITIC Dicastal was awarded "China Green Foundry Demonstration Enterprise" by China Foundry Association; in 2018, the green design platform construction project of lightweight aluminum wheel was included in the "List of Green Manufacturing System Integration Projects for Industrial Transformation and Upgrading" published by Ministry of Industry and Information Technology; in 2019, CITIC Dicastal was rated as B-level environmental protection management enterprise in foundry industry by Hebei Provincial Department of Ecological Environment, and was also approved by Hebei Provincial Department of Industry and Information Technology for strategic emerging industries, and included in the positive list of strategic emerging industries in Hebei.

Three Wastes Treatment

Waste water
At present, the sewage treatment system applied in the factory adopts a physicochemical + biochemical treatment + advanced treatment process mode, so that the COD removal rate can reach about 98%, the reclaimed water can be reused, and the drainage water quality is far superior to the national discharge standard. At the same time, the amount of wastewater is visually measured, a module time-sharing drainage control measure is formulated, and a sewage treatment networking monitoring system is equipped, so that the sewage discharge can be orderly controlled, real-time monitored and discharged up to the standard.
Waste Gas
Strictly implement the national and local emission standards. The particulate matter produced in the production is discharged up to the standard after being treated by the high-efficiency bag dust remover; the spraying organic waste gas is discharged up to the standard after being treated by the advanced RTO (regenerative incinerator) equipment; the industrial boiler has been reformed for low nitrogen combustion, and all emission indicators are better than the national emission standards.
Solid Waste
The solid waste is managed by "harmlessness, reduction and resource utilization". In order to improve the comprehensive utilization rate of solid waste, machine-added aluminium scraps are recycled to the smelting process. The sludge produced in the sewage treatment process is filtered by plate and frame diaphragm pressure, and then passed through the sludge drying equipment, so that the moisture content of the sludge can be reduced by 50%, and the amount of hazardous waste is greatly reduced.

Resource Use and Environment
CITIC Dicastal always adheres to the road of "energy saving, environmental protection and green manufacturing", puts forward the concept of "energy saving, emission reduction and recycling", implements energy standardization management, and takes the lead in completing energy management system certification in the same industry. Through technological transformation and equipment upgrading, it carries out waste heat system transformation to realize the recycling of production waste heat and save energy and fuel consumption. It also organizes voluntary tree planting every year and devotes itself to urban environment improvement and construction of ecological homeland.

Safety Production

Adhering to the concept of "three safety", carrying out the safety management idea of "full participation and prevention first", taking the construction of "standardization of production safety" and "double control" system as the grasp, taking laws and regulations as the criterion, and taking risk control as the guidance, we carry out various safety management work.
Adhere to the "people oriented" concept, to create a safe and healthy working environment for employees. The company has passed the OHSAS18001 occupational health and safety management system certification and safety production standard level two enterprises, has been awarded the advanced unit of safety production in Hebei Province for many times, and won the national "Ankang Cup" competition winning unit title in May 2018.

Employee Responsibility
CITIC Dicastal has employees are all over the world, including Asia, Europe, North America and Africa, and won the Campus Case Award of Zhi Lian Recruitment (Zhaopin) China's Best Employer of the Year in 2019.
Share the company's development achievements with employees, build the football field and staff activity center, and hold the seventh collective wedding for 59 couples in September 2019.
In 2019, the whole system carried out staff training 2,324 times, accumulated training of 63,911 person-times, and invested 4.2748 million Yuan. Among them, Moroccan staff were arranged to receive theoretical and practical training in China, which trained professional industrial workers and technical teams for the automotive parts industry in Morocco, filled the talent gap in the local automotive parts industry, and made due contributions to the promotion of local economic development in Morocco and economic and cultural exchanges between China and Africa.

Social Responsibility

In 2019, CITIC Dicastal and its affiliated companies have made their own efforts in community environmental maintenance, large-scale public welfare activities and assistance to vulnerable groups, with nearly 1000 participants in volunteer activities throughout the year.

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