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CITIC Dicastal Co., Ltd., is the first automotive aluminum wheel manufacturer in mainland China established by CITIC Group; the world's largest supplier of automotive aluminum wheel and aluminum chassis parts; and, the first Chinese enterprise breaks into the worldwide top 100 automotive parts suppliers.
Over the years, with the broad vision of “looking at the world” and the ambition of “industry navigation”, CITIC Dicastal has always complied with the requirements of the times, and accurately grasped the opportunities brought by China’s economic growth and achieved continuous development. In the management practice, CITIC Dicastal inherited and carried forward the excellent corporate culture of CITIC Group, and built a corporate culture system with its own characteristics and its core values of “cohesion, responsibility, compliance, innovation, and honesty”.
Corporate culture is the "root" and "soul" to a company's development. Only when the root is deep enough can it be leafy, and only when the soul is strong enough can it be vigorous. The corporate culture is also genes in every part of the company and excellent genes need to be inherited and developed. With the advent of the global green economy era, CITIC Dicastal shall become the world’s leading supplier of lightweight components and compete with leading strengths on the global mainstream platform, it is necessary to carry forward the corporate culture to gather strength, converge talents’ thoughts and be opening and ambitious. This will also provide strong spiritual support for the continued healthy and rapid development of CITIC Dicastal.


Speech of the President
Standing through difficulties and hardships to get to what it is today, CITIC Dicastal, since its establishment in 1988, has gradually built up its unique culture as it grew up in the market ocean of up-and-downs and time-and-tides.
If an enterprise is a family, its culture is like a family DNA that ever lasts inside every family member. A family member of CITIC Group, CITIC Dicastal was born with CITIC gene of culture that has later been closely connected to its own hard-earned development added to its content to become its own culture that is getting more and more distinct today.
Our cultural gene has shaped our way of thinking and doing that has destined us to be outstanding, which is now at a critical period and is by no means on a smooth path sides with only flowers. This requires us to carry forward our embedded good qualities of cultural gene and make it our spiritual core that motivates the development of CITIC Dicastal.


Tradition-inheriting Dicastal
Tradition inheriting: A wholly owned subsidiary of CITIC Limited, CITIC Dicastal makes innovation and creation a treasured key to its continuous development and has built a unique brand advantage in leading the industry as CITIC Group’s new industrial business card in the global market.
Patriotic Dicastal: The first aluminum wheels manufacturer in mainland China, CITIC Dicastal is committed to fulfill the obligations of state-owned enterprise in the growing up of domestic auto parts and components industry, devotedly serving the national economic and social development, actively getting involved in market competition, and helping to build a good image of “Made in China”.


Logo of CITIC Dicastal
Designed in 1995, CITIC Dicastal’s logo comprises of two parts as upper and lower. The upper part is the logo of CITIC Group, symbolizing that the CITIC Dicastal is a member of CITIC family. The lower part is “Dicastal”, which consists of three segments: “di” for “die”, means mold; “cast” for “cast”, means foundry, and “al” for “aluminum”, means aluminum material.
The direct use of CITIC Group logo in Dicastal logo implies to the public a strong and diversified brand of CITIC as a whole. The combination of the two is sight catching and easy to recognize.


The Vision of CITIC Dicastal
To become the world's leading enterprise group with core technologies and self-owned brands for lightweight modularized new-type composite parts and components.
Over the years, CITIC Dicastal has built up its major business competitive advantages in technological innovation, brand value, production capacity, global marketing, talent management and business structure.
For an ever broader way to further development, CITIC Dicastal focuses on its competitive sectors with diversified products and all-round services worldwide, striving to become a century enterprise by taking a vantage position in the market through a global vision and way of thinking for timely market assessments and, in line with market disciplines, integrating its resources and unremitting efforts.
In the years to come, CITIC Dicastal will endeavor to develop into a world-leading auto parts supplier that sees a stable growth and a close or same level of its global counterparts in major benefits, efficiency and business achievements.


The Mission of CITIC Dicastal
To become a globally respected great enterprise that constantly creates value for its customers, employees, shareholders and society.
The whole value chain of CITIC Dicastal includes four large profit-relevant groups of customers, employees, stock-holders and society. They are huge determinants that decide CITIC Dicastal’s long-term profitability and capacity to grow. CITIC Dicastal’s perpetual mission is to unceasingly create value for them.
What CITIC Dicastal has done, is doing, and will continue to do, is to provide the globally best products and solutions that meet or even exceed the customers’ expectations for a win-win cooperation; to build a fair job environment for the employees to have their diversified growth space for more valuable self-esteem and better life; to constantly improve our development sustainability and ROA for value increase of the state-owned property and the best possible return for shareholders; to produce more energy-saving and environment-friendly products in leading a green industry for a better human-nature harmony as a good enterprise citizen active in social development and public benefits.
Such mission of CITIC Dicastal’s indicates, on the background of economic globalization, our ambitious determination to become a world-leading group enterprise that has constant pursuit and great responsibilities, keeping on mind a basic motivation: to be a highly-respected great enterprise.


The Core Value of CITIC Dicastal
The core value of CITIC Dicastal, much influenced by traditional Chinese culture with the essence of Confucianism, is highly integrated with western industrial civilization to become a fundamental creed guiding CITIC Dicastal employees worldwide.


Ren, is a Chinese word indicating that two people come together, meaning that people get together with a sense of cohesion. It is the basic strength of CITIC Dicastal, colored purple in Dicastal culture.
We respect different cultures and traditions of different countries and nations and accept the differences with an open mind. We bring together people of similar ideas and values for mutual benefits, joint development and a more beautiful tomorrow for all.
Yi, is a Chinese word indicating that one should take on more responsibilities. It is the spiritual demeanor of CITIC Dicastal, colored green in Dicastal culture.
We must keep our daily operation and profit-earning activities in line with laws and rules of human world development, realizing the importance of working for the whole society and the general wellbeing of the human world, with our great courage and determination to forge ahead, where we dare to take on responsibilities and risks and share benefits from achievements.

Li, is a Chinese word indicating that a man should obey the rules. It is the code of conduct of CITIC Dicastal, colored blue in Dicastal culture.
We must comply with laws and regulations in managing our company. Internally, all employees must learn and abide by the rules and regulations of CITIC Dicastal, building a harmonious and stable internal environment. Externally, we must take on the responsibilities of an enterprise citizen and comply with social culture and customs, trying to win a good external environment for our existence and development.

Zhi, is a Chinese word indicating to “know” in ancient times, meaning one has innovative ideas and know mysterious things. It is the value origin of CITIC Dicastal, colored grey in Dicastal culture.
We keep customer-orientated beyond the limits of inertial thinking, constantly pursuing changes and innovation on products, services, technologies and management. We evaluate innovation with the benefits it has brought, encouraging innovators accordingly and tolerating their mistakes.

Xin, is a Chinese word indicating one’s words have to be true and reliable. It is the foundation of CITIC Dicastal, colored golden in Dicastal culture.
Our business operation is based on honor and honesty. We keep promises, but never exaggerate them even out of goodwill. Once we make a promise, we spare no efforts to carry it out. When we find we cannot carry it out, we must explain and take the due responsibilities as soon as possible. We allow no speculation and never sacrifice credit to benefits.